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About the Club

Interested in being a part of our club? You can have fun, and at the same time get valuable experience.

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You are welcome to come out and be a part of the following groups:

Design and Construction Team:
     - research best designs
     - choose materials
     - building the boards

CAD Design and CNC Operation Team:
     - learn to make CAD drawings
     - create CAD drawings based on dimensions given from Design Team
     - use CNC machine to cut out snowboard materials and templates

Marketing and Sales Team
     - come up with advertising
     - research what students want (pricing, design)
     - deal with finances
     - create display booth
     - work with Promotions Team

Sponsorship and Career Opportunities Team
     - improve on sponsorship package
     - create contacts with related industries
     - obtain company information and career opportunities for members
     - work with Marketing and Sales Team
     - work with Promotions Team

Website Improvement Team
     - maintain website and keep it up to date
     - create interactive features
     - post videos and photos

Promotions and Graphics Team
     - photography and filming
     - create graphics for snowboards and find printing places
     - organize and run social events
     - organize and run competitions
     - fund Raising
     - create Promotion Videos
     - website design
     - recruit members