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Snowboard Design Team Elections


The nomination period will be from October 10, 2006, until the day before Election Day (to be determined).


The main goal of the club is to design and develop new technologies for
snowboards, using software and tools to build and test them. This
shall be achieved by the second, more important goal:  To provide
members with excellent experience and fun by allowing them to take
leadership roles where they can develop technical, business, and
creative skills.
The responsibilities of all executive members are to show up to weekly or bi-weekly meetings. We will try to keep these meetings short, but they are required to ensure the club continues to set and achieve short and long term goals, and to keep up membership.


"The Chair shall lead executive and general club meetings.  This
individual shall have final responsibility for the daily business of
the club.  The Chair shall have the deciding vote in any general or
Club meeting votes resulting in a tie. Along with the financial
officer, the Chair shall have signing rights, and is also held
accountable with the club's finances. It is suggested that the Chair
be an undergraduate student in the field of Applied Science and
Engineering entering his or her second or third year of study."
Basically, the role of the Chair or is to hold weekly executive meetings and set short term and long term goals for the club. This person should also make sure the financial officer is keeping proper records and that the club's money is spent effectively. Another responsibility of the Chair is to keep the club on track, and continue to strive for the mandate of the club, as stated above.

"The Vice-Chair shall assume the same responsibilities of the Chair in
the Chair's absence, except that he or she lacks signing authority and
the veto privilege.  The Vice-Chair is also responsible for keeping
minutes at meetings, and preparing the constitution.  Disciplinary
matters raised by The Club will be overseen by the Vice-Chair as well
as the Club constitution."
In short, the Vice-Chair must write down the goals we set at the
meetings, and email the executive and remind them with a list of things
they said they would do. By keeping the minutes organized, we can
operate more efficiently and effectively.
This person must learn to motivate members and make sure they do what
they commit to.

Chief Financial Officer
"The Financial Officer shall be responsible for all financial
transactions by the club and for the keeping of Club account records."
This person is held accountable for the club's funds.  They should aim to use the funds as effectively as possible to achieve the above goal of the club. Records must be kept for 7 years, so keeping an organized spreadsheet of all revenue and expenses that match receipts is important. Interested in business?  This is a good position to have.

Chief Operations Officer

"The Operations Officer shall lead projects within the club.
Responsibilities include delegating tasks to team leaders, and
ensuring materials and tools are available to complete projects, and
ensuring members are aware of safety procedures."
This person looks over the operation of each project the club undertakes.  Unlike the Chair, they are more focused on the individual projects, such as the actual building of each snowboard, and/or getting materials from a sponsor. This also
involves finding the right people to complete each task.

Sponsorship Director
"The Sponsorship Director shall be responsible for initiating
communications with potential sponsors, and maintain communications
with current sponsors and the Engineering Society Sponsorship Director
(sponsorship@skule.ca). This person is also responsible for the
creation and continuous improvement of the sponsorship package."
This is another amazing position for those that are entrepreneurial or have interest in business.  You basically work with a group to create a presentation, find companies for sponsorships, and show them the benefit of sponsoring us.  You also learn to get commitment from companies.

"President is the representative of the club, as well as an advisor.
Unlike the Chair and other executive members, He or She is not
responsible for the operations of the club. It is encouraged for a
person that has been involved with the club for at least three years
to take this position, usually an alumni."
This is the person that the club can call when they are having problems and need some advice.  The club can also call this person when they need a representative, since he or she knows about the inner workings of the club and would be able to answer questions about the club really well.

To nominate yourself, you must send an email to and include the following information:
Student Number:
Position you are running for:
Max 500 words why you want the position/why you would do the best job.
Notes and Benefits

Anyone can run for any position, with the exception of President and Chair. For these two positions, you must be actively involved with the club for at least 4 months.
My view on taking a leadership role:
The roles on the team will give you VERY good experience, and they may help you find out what type of career you want. I'm not joking, being the chair of this club, I learned a lot, and it is a great way to impress employers.  They want to hear that you had impact on a team, not just "member of so and so club". I strongly recommend you consider being a leader in this club, even if you are leading a small part of the team, you will learn a lot about yourself, other people, AND have fun doing it.  It's really cool that we can make snowboards, and learn new skills that you cannot learn in class.

The best way to get all these benefits is to take a risk, and lead something you might not know anything about.  You learn FAST.   All of this gave me a very good idea of what I want to do when I graduate (it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with snowboards). The positions are not rigid.  you might have to do one or two things, but the rest depends on you.  Here are some suggestions of things you might do that add to your role:
-You might do something in the club that helps us make more money, or have more fun events.
-Or maybe you can do something that puts us in a newspaper or gets featured in the Olympics.
-Maybe you will get busy or lazy, and learn to find other people to do work for you. This is also a very important skill to learn (especially if you want an upper management job in the future). Really, you need to be able to motivate people and delegate to get a lot done, sometimes you can't do everything yourself... and it makes a job much easier.

Please consider some things you would like to do on the Snowboard Design Team.  If you want to make it happen, I will do what I can to ensure it.

If you have any questions, just email me at .